Web Design Plans Pages Consulting Template Scripts CD Backup Base Price
  Web Design Basic 1 1 Hour Layout 1 0 Yes $99.95
  Web Design Lite 3 1 Hour Layout 1 1 Yes $375.00
  Web Design Bronze 5 1 Hour Layout 1 1 Yes $625.00
  Web Design Silver 10 2 Hour Layout 1 2 Yes $1250.00
  Web Design Gold 15 2 Hour Layout 1 3 Yes $1875.00

Development Extras

Travel costs, database creation, custom shopping carts, text editing, video editing, photography, photo editing, scanning, or custom logo design. Domain procurement negotiations and consulting for web design and maintenance will be invoiced at our standard hourly rate.

Webgate also produces Special Occasion Web Pages, Internet Advertising and Marketing Promotions, Social Media Submissions, Search Engine Registrations, and Website Statistics. Let us help to evolve your entire web presence.

Website Updates & Redesign

After creating your new website you may require updates including adding or removing textual content, price changes, new pictures, or basic changes from time to time. Let us keep you up to date with your ever evolving web presence. You may choose our website development team to complete and manage your updates or select our unmanaged plan to complete updates on your own using a customized administration panel.

Webgate offers redesign to existing websites. We work closely with you to upgrade your website with an exciting new theme. Let us work with you to plan and redesign your website to improve the image, marketing, and online presence of your business.


Additional web pages are designed at $125.00 extra per page.
Administration and consulting fees are $50.00 per hour.
Pricing does not include applicable taxes and is subject to change.

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